In The Heart Of The City

The historic hotel has 99 guestrooms, ranging in size from approximately 400SF to 250-300 square feet.. These European-style amenities are the perfect way for cost-conscious travelers to enjoy all the fun that San Francisco has to offer. We know Herbert would approve.



Private Room Private Bath

The Private Room Private Bath is our uniquely simple yet cozy room. This basic room provides you the privacy of no roommate and your own private bathroom.  This is our premium room of our long term housing collection.
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Private Room Hallway Bath

Almost identical to the Private Room Private Bath is our Private Room Hallway Bath, the two differences being that it does not have it’s own private bathroom but shares the hallway bathroom and shower with three to four other rooms on the floor.  The other difference being the price, if you are price conscious but still value your alone time, this would be the ideal selection for you.
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Shared Room Private Bath

The Shared Room Private is specifically designed for those who want to cut costs as much as possible but still have the ability to have a bathroom within their accommodations. The room will have a roommate but has a private bathroom that only the two of you share.
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Shared Room Hallway Bath

Our lowest priced option is the Shared Room Hallway Bath, this room designed for those who want to save as much as possible, will have a roommate and in addition will have a hallway bathroom and shower shared with three to four other rooms on the same floor.  A great value but definitely the minimalist option.
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